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We rarely think of trees in the same way that we think about the rest of our garden, but we probably should. Trees are just like anything else that you have growing around your home. Without the proper, and right, care they won’t grow to their full potential or be healthy. This can have a greater impact than you might realise and can compromise everything from the look of your yard to safety around your home. With our tree fertilization service, we can help ensure that your tree is healthy, and get all the nutrients it needs to grow effectively.

Tree Fertilization

Although it’s something you probably didn’t realise, or consider much, trees, like any other plant in your garden, require fertilization to ensure they get the correct amount of nutrients to grow. Trees that lack the correct nutrients can experience a range of problems, all of which will likely impact how it looks, or in some cases, safety in your yard and around your home. This is a problem that we can help you take care of, though. We provide tree fertilization as part of our tree service, so you can be sure your trees can grow to their full potential. This is all part of why we are the premier tree surgeon in Modesto.


To get the that natural feel in your yard, you need your trees to be healthy. Otherwise they won’t grow as you had intended and probably won’t do much for the look of your home. Trees with insufficient nutrients simply won’t give you that stunning, natural serenity that you were hoping for. We can help you to ensure the health of your trees, and ensure they grow correctly, by making sure they get the correct nutrients. This is all part of our tree service.

Right Knowledge

Although might not seem like it, tree fertilization isn’t an easy and straightforward process. It takes real and professional knowledge to ensure it gets done correctly. You need know when it needs to be fertilized, how much is the right amount and when you tree requires additional nutrients that fertilization provides. If you aren’t an expert, it can be difficult to work it all out. We have the all the right knowledge to ensure your tree gets fertilised in the correct way, to attain the maximum benefits. That way you can be sure that your trees are getting the best care.

Disease and Pests

There are a range of pests and disease that can negatively impact your tree and quickly spread, with the potential to cause a range of hazards around your home. Diseased limbs or branches might fall off easier in a storm, or otherwise, and could damage your home or cause injury. Fertilizing your tree care is a great way to help it naturally fight of disease and pests, ensuring it remains healthy and doesn’t cause any problems around your home. This is another reason why getting fertilization done correctly is important.

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